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Equipment Leasing, Equipment Financing, Growth capital in California, New York, Massachusetts, USA



Every Business Starts Somewhere. Ours was a Lunchroom.

Our story began nearly 40 years ago before technologies could communicate with each other.

It was the 1980s, and voice and data were merging into compatible technologies. John Corey was leasing computers and Tom Cottrell was selling telephones. Both realized the market potential of a technology leasing company, and CSC Leasing was born. 


The company launched out of a file box in a lunchroom next to the Coke machine, with four employees. Since, CSC has grown to more than 70 employees and supports a wide range of industries and products, domestically and abroad, and has financed over $2 billion in transactions.

Custom Built Leasing Solutions Richmond, VA

John Corey in CSC's first office set up

Custom Built Leasing Solutions Richmond, VA

Helping Other Companies Succeed

Having started our business out of a file box in a lunchroom, we understand the challenges of growing a business and finding the necessary capital to do it. 


Our goal has always been to support entrepreneurs and business leaders with growth capital. We take pride that our capital comes without the onerous handcuffs required by other financing sources. We look for ways to say “Yes” when others say “No,” and we always aim to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We work with like-minded innovative businesses that have an entrepreneurial spirit at their core. We offer non-dilutive equipment financing for companies to grow their business. That means they can preserve precious equity for activities that increase sales—not depreciating equipment.

Who We Are

CSC was founded as a family business. We believe in upholding relationships throughout the highs and lows of operating and growing a business.


Today, we support inventive, well-run companies that are growing—even when they face challenges or setbacks.


Having started selling door to door, we value face-to-face connections with our clients because we want you to know your leasing partner. For CSC, it’s about building—and preserving—long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Custom Built Leasing Solutions Richmond, VA
Custom Built Leasing Solutions Richmond, VA

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