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Managing and administering a major equipment refresh can be time consuming and costly. If your organization is an enterprise or Fortune 1000 company, we can save you time and money. We provide some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, while our front-end lease management, coupled with our procurement expertise, allow for smooth and efficient equipment acquisitions.

Our in-house asset management team offers nearly 40 years of knowledge and expertise in planning and staging major equipment refreshes. We offer a wide array of services to complement our end of lease management process. Coupled with our asset management portal, we deliver outstanding service and management capabilities.

Benefits of working with CSC Leasing:

Rely on 40 years of experience procuring equipment for large organizations

Receive some of the most competitive pricing in the industry

Experience a smooth and efficient equipment acquisition due to strong, efficient front-end lease management

Access a user-friendly Asset Management Portal to manage your leases and lease refreshes

Gain help with the timing, consolidating, packing, shipping and removal of leased equipment when you are ready for an update or to end your lease

Equipment Leasing, Equipment Financing, Growth capital in California, New York, Massachusetts, USA

Solutions We Offer


Meet your evolving capital needs with a variety of financing options that enable you to respond to business opportunities and meet planned or unplanned financial obligations.

Custom Built Leasing Solutions Richmond, VA

Let’s discuss how we can provide you with a smooth and efficient equipment acquisition

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