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Welcome to CSC Leasing!

For many Agrifoodtech businesses, large upfront equipment purchases or down payments can deplete equity and create cash flow challenges. With financing from CSC Leasing, you’ll receive an injection of cash—in weeks instead of months—to use for equipment or technology.

That means you can preserve equity for higher ROI activities instead of spending it on depreciating assets.  

Lease lines from $100K up to $25MM

Non-dilutive financing that is non-recourse and doesn’t require covenants or warrants

Sale leasebacks for reimbursement on the equipment you already own

Low, predictable monthly payments

Full procurement service—you choose your vendors and we manage the orders

End-to-end asset management by our in-house specialists—leave the packing, pickup and transportation to us

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Why Choose CSC

CSC supports growing, well-run Agrifoodtech businesses with low-cost funding for equipment and technology purchases.


With our financing, you can avoid large upfront investments, increase your cash flow, complement equity capital or keep the business progressing until you reach your next round of funding.

We can also help you establish a Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) offering, where you can bundle hardware, software, maintenance, and other services in one package and charge a monthly fee, so you can increase adoption of your solutions and convert one-time sales into recurring revenue.

And you can always count on a fair, flexible and transparent process.

How CSC Is Different 

For nearly 40 years, CSC, a family-owned and privately held company, has been using our deep investment expertise to help businesses grow and scale by financing their equipment.


With over $2 billion in transactions financed, we are 100% owned by our founders and we use our own capital.

That grants us the freedom to say “Yes” when many other investors and banks say “No.” 

Our straightforward, uncomplicated underwriting process gets you your money fast—and you will never be blindsided by end-of-term surprises. Plus, we’re not a broker, so you will always work with CSC until the end of your lease. Relationships are important to us, which is why we assign an account manager and deal administrator to every client. 

Custom Built Leasing Solutions Richmond, VA

If you need a cash infusion to keep growing your Agrifoodtech business, contact our Regional Director, Jordan Stowe.

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