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CSC Leasing Company Announces Multiple Promotions During Sustained Growth Period

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

CSC Leasing Company Announces Multiple Promotions During Sustained Growth Period

Richmond, Va. (March 15, 2021) – CSC Leasing Company (CSC Leasing) today announced recent promotions and key role expansions across its U.S.-based organization. The promotions recognize critical contributors and will ensure continued delivery of superior client solutions while positioning the company to deliver on its strategic business goals.

  • Sam Corey has assumed additional leadership responsibilities as head of CSC’s Vendor Programs. In this role, Sam will work closely with the team to further develop CSC’s capabilities. He will continue to lead the Credit and Investment business function. He has been with CSC since 2008.

  • John Croney has been promoted to Director of Credit and Investment, where he will continue his essential and highly collaborative role in shaping the company’s growing Credit and Investment function. John joined the CSC team in 2018.

  • Will Forston, formerly Director of Finance, has been promoted to Vice President of Finance and Syndication, where he will work very closely with the leadership team to accelerate opportunities for CSC’s long-term growth and success. He has been with CSC since 2018.

  • Corinne Jacob-Rath has been promoted to Senior Lease Administrator. In this expanded role, she will serve as a systems tester and subject matter expert, while continuing to facilitate seamless client experiences. Corinne has been with CSC since 2018.

  • Candice Taylor has been promoted to Lease Administrator, where she will lead support for CSC’s growing Vendor Programs and capabilities. Candice joined CSC in 2019.

CSC Leasing provides customized, flexible non-dilutive equipment financing solutions that help eliminate the need for costly capital investments. With relationship-driven support and access to cutting-edge technology and assets, CSC Leasing’s clients are better positioned to scale their business, meet milestones quicker and address planned and unplanned financial obligations.


About CSC Leasing Company

CSC Leasing Company maintains a successful 35-year track record working with organizations of all

sizes and stages, providing a low-cost, non-dilutive form of capital for procuring equipment. With over $1 billion in transactions financed, CSC Leasing offers an agile and flexible approach with the transparency, speed and service of a family-owned business. Learn more at



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